What is Chrome Notification?

Chrome push notification is a way to reach out to your customers on mobile, desktop and laptop, if they use chrome browser.

Wanna see how it looks?

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Chrome Notification look on windows 10

Benefits of Chrome Notification:

Chrome notification for laptop/desktop powers you to show a message to your users, even if they are not on your website. Works on mobile as well. Looks just like a native notification.

Chrome Notification look on android mobile

What do I need to have to use chrome notification?

If you have got a website running, that is enough for you to send your users any message on their mobile and desktop(If they use chrome browser). It won't take more than 5 minutes to integrate chrome notification on your website. Just login and integrate chrome notification.

Add it on your website:

Single line integration code.

How can I send Chrome Notification to my users using PushChamp?

You can send chrome notification either through PushChamp API to individual users or through PushChamp Dashboard to all or segmented users based on multiple segmentation parameters.

Go to Dashboard:

PushChamp Dashboard Image

Also Supporting

Firefox Notifications

What do we provide?

HTTP Support

Although native chrome push notification runs only on https, we also enable http supported websites to send important messages via chrome notifications to their users.

How does it work?

Rest APIs & SDK

PushChamp provides Rest APIs to developers to send notifications and light weight javascript SDK to tag and group your users based on usage. Refer docs.


You can use PushChamp dashboard to see all users opted to receive chrome notification, run campaigns based on multiple filters and to check how your campaigns are performing.

Reusable Templates

Use template to manage content of your notification. Create a template to save time and effort to run campaigns. While using PushChamp API, just send template variables.

Real Time Analytics

Use dashboard to check how your campaigns are performing on a particuler channel and plan your next campain based on that.

24*7 Support

We value your trust hence our technical team is always available to help you with any issue related to integration, using dashboard or wiring up the APIs. contact us for any query or suggestion and our team will be more than happy to help you.