How I learn something new from the internet every time I open Facebook.


There is a small hack which I did to learn something new every time I open Facebook. What made me do so? Actually, I was vexed to see the ongoing effort by Facebook to support internet fragmentation under the cloak of FreeBasics. Well, I was not angry at Facebook. Any company with so much share on internet and people would do so. I was angry at myself for wasting my time on Facebook many times. Though, generally I spend 20-30 minutes in a day on Facebook but that time spent is obviously not productive. There is so much research around the world proving that it is nothing but addiction which makes us do so. It is similar to drugs. The curiosity to check for new likes on your profile pic, stalking your high school flame, liking kitten videos or just zombie scrolling your wall. It’s nothing but addiction.

I decided to solve this. Putting chrome extensions like stay focussed was one solution but I wanted more. So I made a small chrome extension myself, named InternetBook. What it does is very simple. Every time I open Facebook it redirects me to an interesting website on the internet. Voila!! Thats it. Now, whenever I do ctrl+t, – enter, it takes me to a random interesting blog, website or Quora page, and I learn something new.

I also asked my friends to use it and they enjoyed it. Though cursed me for not giving any disable button. To that I said, what’s the point then :) . If I actually do have some work on Facebook, I open an incognito mode and do it.

I have also put it on Chrome web store for everyone to use it. Here’s the link :

Hope you enjoy it!

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