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Push notifications - Android, iOS and Windows
Web notifications - Chrome, Safari and Firefox
In-App notifications - Android, iOS and Web

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Start supporting push notifications on your website in 5 minutes. Engage with your users without any app install, email, sms or even opened website.

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What is browser notification?

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Design your push notifications and emails using our designer tool. Send interactive notifications without changing anything in your APIs. Make your notifications look like the way you want by simple drag and drop.


Track user events like Page visits, Application usage, Uninstalls and Sessions. Get detailed analysis of notifications sent, delivered, opened, failed, bounced and user flow after he/she opens it. Segment your users based on usage and send targeted notifications.

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and more...

Schedule your campaign

Now schedule campaigns for future and PushChamp will automatically run your campaigns on your preferred date and time.

Multiple language messages

Run your campaigns in multiple language for your different target audience.

Rest APIs

Use Pushchamp's APIs to send SMS, Email, Notifications, etc to your individual users as well as a targeted audience.

Integrate existing accounts

Wire up your existing sms, mandrill, ses, sendgrid accounts on our super intuitive dashboard

Ready to integrate SDKs

Use our light weight SDKs for android, ios and web on your client side.

Customer Data

Manage and analyse your customer data on our dashboard. Track your active/inactive users and uninstalls on all platforms.


Group your users in segments and target them for best conversions

Tag your customers

Tag your customers with key value pairs and target them without worrying about the underlying platform.

Excellent Support

Get in touch with our ardent team for any problems, feedback or questions.


  • Saves a lot of time, plus the features are really helpful. - Vishal, CEO - Emot Group

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  • 1 Million Events
  • 1000 Subscriptions
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Low cost SMS (no volume requirement)
  • Email Support
  • Smart Notifications
  • Phone Support


$25 Monthly

  • 1 Million Events
  • 10,000 Subscriptions
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Low cost SMS (no volume requirement)
  • Email Support
  • Smart Notifications
  • Phone Support


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  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Subscriptions
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • SMS Cost based on Volume
  • Email Support
  • Smart Notifications
  • Phone Support


What are Subsctiptions?

One Subscription is a single user you have on a platform. Suppose you have 1000 installs on Android, 1000 on iOS, 2000 web users, 500 email ids and 500 mobile numbers on Pushchamp. Your total subscriptions become 5000.

What are Events?

Events are user actions we record when you use our SDKs. These events are the pages and screens your users visit on your website and application. It also includes the notification events we record like notifications sent, delivered, opened, etc.

How can I send SMS using Pushchamp?

You can buy Pushchamp's SMS credits to send SMSes. There is no requirement of large volume to get good pricing. You can buy according to your need and pay us FLAT pricing. Contact us to know more.

I want to use my own SMS account.

You can integrate your SMS SMPP account with Pushchamp to send SMS. Almost every SMS gateway supports SMPP. If you don't have SMPP account credentials, you can ask your SMS provider to give you the same. You can upload the same on the dashboard to use Pushchamp APIs and analytics for your SMSes.

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